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Can an employer sue an employee for compensation?

The case detailed here does not mean that employers can sue employees for any losses that arise out of their employment. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain compensation for negligent work, or mistakes. However, where there is deliberate misconduct like in this case, remedies are available to the employer beyond dismissal for cause.


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No cause for termination without policy and discipline

It seems that employers must continually learn that it is crucial to have clear written policies in place governing employee conduct and discipline, and to apply those policies consistently. An Alberta Employment Standards Umpire recently heard a case that reiterates the simple lesson.


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OLRB dismisses constructive dismissal and allegation of anti-muslim bias

religious discrimination

The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) recently cautioned individuals not to make serious allegations of religious discrimination and harassment if they don’t have the proof or the evidence to back up the allegations. In The Brick Warehouse LP v. Awan (2012) CanLii 63787, the OLRB varied an Order to Pay issued by an Employment Standards Officer under the Employment Standards Act, for termination amounts owing.


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