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Employee who lied about pregnancy had human rights complaint dismissed

In a recent Ontario Human Rights case, an employee’s dismissal by her employer for having lied about when she found out about her pregnancy was ruled to be non-discriminatory.

Terminating fixed-term contract before its end date

A decision released by the Ontario Court of Appeal clarifies that the duty to mitigate does not apply when an employer terminates a fixed-term employment contract before its end date.

Q: An employee says he now has to arrive later and leave early to care for his daughter before and after school. His wife has a job outside the area and is not at home during the week. My understanding is that he hasn’t looked for daycare. He mentioned in the past that he can’t afford daycare. I want to give him a month to find daycare, during which time we will accommodate his situation. We are a business located in Ontario.

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Cristina Lavecchia

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