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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

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Employer who told employee to, “Go! Get out!” constituted constructive dismissal

In a recent matter, the Superior Court of Justice concluded that an employer who told their employee to, “Go! Get out!” constituted constructive dismissal.

Employee found to be constructively dismissed after workplace restructuring

Can an employer restructure the workplace in good faith without constructively dismissing an employee? This question is addressed in the matter of MacGregor v Lethbridge College.

Supreme Court of Canada confirms federally-regulated employees cannot be terminated without cause under the Canada Labour Code

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Division XIV of the Canada Labour Code prevents federally-regulated employers from terminating non-managerial employees with more than 12 months of service without reasons. (In PDF)


Cristina Lavecchia

Cristina is an editor and researcher at First Reference. She is a licensed paralegal and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science major at York University. During Cristina's paralegal and undergraduate studies she studied employment standards, occupational health and safety, and workplace safety and insurance. Read more

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