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Signing employment contract after work commences

In a recent decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal concluded that a termination provision in an employment agreement was unenforceable because the employment agreement was signed after the employee commenced employment. (In PDF)

How can employers prepare for the CPP expansion?

Employers should start reviewing their retirement plans to prepare for the 2019 expansion of the Canada Pension Plan, according to a Willis Towers Watson retirement consultant. (In PDF)

Employment law review interim report

On July 27, 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Labour released an interim report, which is based on 12 days of initial public consultation of the current labour and employment law framework.


Cristina Lavecchia

Cristina is an editor and researcher at First Reference. She is a licensed paralegal and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science major at York University. During Cristina's paralegal and undergraduate studies she studied employment standards, occupational health and safety, and workplace safety and insurance. Read more

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