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Dismissed employee told just quit if she felt unsafe

The Ontario Labour Relations Board recently ordered a charitable organization to pay a former employee a little over $15,000 in damages for dismissing her because she had reported safety and health hazards at the workplace to the Ministry of Labour.

Current and 2017 payroll rates chart

This chart allows employers, HR and payroll professionals to view at a glance the Canada/Quebec pension plan, employment insurance, federal/provincial and territorial minimum wage rates, and basic personal amounts, among others.

Human Right law to cover physical size and weight

Private member’s Bill 200, The Human Rights Code Amendment Act, was introduced in the Manitoba Legislature on November 23, 2016, to amend the Human Rights Code (Code) to extend the list of protected characteristics under the Code to include physical size and weight.

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Cristina Lavecchia

Cristina is an editor and researcher at First Reference. She is a licensed paralegal and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science major at York University. During Cristina's paralegal and undergraduate studies she studied employment standards, occupational health and safety, and workplace safety and insurance. Read more

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