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Current and 2017 payroll rates chart

This chart allows employers, HR and payroll professionals to view at a glance the Canada/Quebec pension plan, employment insurance, federal/provincial and territorial minimum wage rates and basic personal amounts, among others.

Survey indicates that a lot of employees are not using vacation

According to the most recent ‘Vacation Deprivation’ survey from, on average this year, Canadians received 17.3 vacation days from employers, but will take only 14 of them—leaving three days of unused vacation time on the table. That represents nearly 31 million unused vacation days this year alone and more than $5.5 billion in wages handed back to employers.

Court of Appeal finds cause for dismissal and awards costs to employer

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently dismissed an action and set aside all judgements of a trial judge, who had found a private school teacher to be wrongfully dismissed. According to the Court of Appeal, Mr. Fernandes’ serious misconduct was fundamentally and directly inconsistent with his obligations as a teacher. As such, his dismissal without notice was justified.

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