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Workforce analytics pureplay: Are you a fit?

workforce analyticsLast week we hosted an online event called “Are you a fit for a workforce analytics pureplay?” In it, we explored the Workforce Analytics PurePlay and provided 7 questions to ask yourself to see if you/your company is a fit for this approach to HR analytics and reporting. Hint: if you’re mid-market in size (1000–5000 employees) you just may be a fit.

We’ve summarized the key points (consumable in 5 minutes) in a short slide deck, but if you’re interested in the full story, you can watch the online conversation here, on your own time.

In both the video and the slide deck:

1) we do a quick overview of what we see as the current state in much of HR.

  • That HR has lots of data but it’s locked away in disparate, transactional systems.  Integration of HR, Talent and Business data is very hard, and cross HR reporting & analytics is even harder.
  • These activities are time-consuming and labor–intensive, and they still don’t produce the level of business insight required. This is pretty much a universal problem in HR, and especially in the mid–market.

2) then we move on to explore

  • What this newest category of HR tech is/does—the Workforce Analytics PurePlay —focused exclusively on resolving the issue of disconnected data and hard–to–get reporting, by taking on the heavy–lifting and technical aspects of data integration.
  • Why many, in the mid-market are opting to partner with a Workforce Analytics PurePlay to free their smart, savvy HR people from spreadsheets and enable them to focus on the tasks of analyzing, reporting and problem solving.
  • A behind–the–scenes look at a Workforce Analytics PurePlay [PeopleInsight] to see how this category works and how simple and powerful it can be (platform, benefits, timing, pricing, etc.).
  • And… we pose the 7 questions you can ask yourself to assess whether you/your company are a fit for a Workforce Analytics PurePlay.
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PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics at PeopleInsight
John Pensom is CEO of PeopleInsight with 20 years’ experience in the "people" business and gained deep knowledge in how technology, information and analytics drives business and culture change. PeopleInsight is a Canadian company delivering cloud-based workforce and business analytics; it connects and unlocks traditionally disparate HR, talent, engagement, business results and external market data to deliver rich insight through analytics in clear, visually appealing and actionable ways. Read more
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