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How workforce analytics can solve the universal problem in HR

Does this sound familiar?

We have lots of data but we’re challenged for time and resources to wade through it. We’re in need of a solution to resolve the fact that we have spreadsheet upon spreadsheet but little means of drawing insight from them or connecting the data in meaningful ways.

Or how about this?

Having data is not our problem, we have always had lots of data. The issue lies in being able to draw insights from the data. We face barriers of time and resources as well as issues related to the spread of data across multiple systems that aren’t connected.”

If either (or both) of these sound familiar, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Both of these quotes come from interviews with VPs of Human Resources. Truth be told, we could fill an entire book with comments and quotes from HR Leaders expressing the exact same sentiment.

In fact, it’s such a ubiquitous issue, we call it the universal problem. It happens when, despite an abundance of data there are challenges bringing it together, making connections across systems, and making sense of it all to drive better business outcomes in HR.

If we unpack the universal problem further we quickly see why it’s one that needs solving – and fast!

Multiple and disconnected data sources places limits on the effectiveness and influence of HR in 3 major ways:


With workforce analytics you can start to resolve these 3 issues:


Now workforce analytics isn’t a silver bullet but the application of analytics to your people data can certainly go a long way to alleviating some of the current limitations in HR. Who wouldn’t like more time for their team, a more strategic outlook on the business, and a confident, credible voice to the executive? We’d love to hear how workforce analytics have helped you tackle some of HR’s challenges… feel free to share below.

It’s your workforce data. You should use it.

By Lynne Russell
VP, Research & Insights

Author note: this blog is an excerpt from the eBook: Workforce Analytics for Human Resources

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