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Slaw: Supreme Court confirms right to strike constitutionally protected


The Supreme Court of Canada in Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v Saskatchewan confirmed once and for all that the right to strike is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Report sets benchmarks for inequality between women and men


Canadian women still experience inequality in economic well-being, education, employment, health, housing, justice, safety, and political and social inclusion, according to a new benchmark report on gender equality…

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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk


Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with Ontario’s next OHS inspection blitz; domestic violence in the workplace; and, AODA review.

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How to have success with WSIB SIEF cost relief


Most employers know that WSIB-related costs can be very expensive. However, not everyone knows about cost relief programs offered by the Board. We asked Anna Aceto-Guerin for some insights into successfully acquiring SIEF cost relief.

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Talent management get ahead with workforce analytics

workforce analytics

Organizations know that finding and keeping top talent is key to success. Nowhere is this more at the core than in Talent Management. And it’s important in Talent Management to be able to optimize and demonstrate the ROI of efforts and activities.

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Emra v. Impression Bridal Ltd.: The hefty price of ignorance of the “Code”


The human rights case of Emra v. Impression Bridal Inc. reminds us that a disability may be  hidden, but when brought to the employer’s attention, it should not be ignored

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Arbitrator rules employer presentation not discriminatory or anti-union


In OPSEU (Brydges et al) and the Ministry of Transportation GSB 2012-1012, Arbitrator Dissanayake dismissed a grievance by a number of Ministry of Transportation employees. The employees alleged that an employer presentation asking them to be happy/content with their wages and benefits and comparing them to poor and starving people in developing countries was both discriminatory under the Ontario Human Rights Code and constituted anti-union discrimination which violated the collective agreement (particularly because of upcoming collective bargaining).

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Resignation regrets: Employee’s failure to provide reasonable notice of departure costs him $56,116.11


When employers think of reasonable notice, they tend to be concerned with whether sufficient notice of dismissal is provided by the employer to the employee. However, an important subject that garners far less attention is what notice a departing employee must provide to the employer.

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Breaching confidentiality provisions of a settlement agreement can cost you!


To discourage the disclosure of details of settlements to third parties, confidentiality provisions are often included in settlement agreements between an employer and a former employee.

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Convalescent period following “tummy tuck” surgery did not qualify for short term disability benefits


Recently, the Superior Court of Quebec in Syndicat des agents de la paix en services correctionnels du Québec v. Pineau (PDF – decision available in French only) confirmed on judicial review an earlier arbitration decision denying an employee short term disability benefits for the convalescent period following cosmetic surgery.

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La période de convalescence suivant une abdominoplastie ne donne pas droit à des prestations d’invalidité de courte durée


Dans l’affaire Syndicat des agents de la paix en services correctionnels du Québec c. Pineau, la Cour supérieure du Québec a confirmé, en révision judiciaire, une sentence arbitrale antérieure qui refusait à une employée le droit de toucher des prestations d’invalidité de courte durée pendant la période de convalescence suivant une chirurgie esthétique.

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Family day: A public holiday in seven Canadian jurisdictions


Family Day is a public holiday under employment/labour standards legislation, observed in February every year in seven jurisdictions in Canada. Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Nova Scotia are the Canadian jurisdiction that recognize Family Day as a public (statutory) holiday and allow workers that qualify time off with pay on […]

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Accessibility can change the way we think


People with disabilities have traditionally been excluded from decision-making, holding roles of importance, exercising personal autonomy and obtaining gainful employment. Although the view prescribed to people with disabilities has shifted over the years, there persists an underlying theme in which the overarching narrative is one of cultural mistrust.

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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk


Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with Ontario’s retirement pension plan; the taxation of employment law damages; and, Alberta’s strategy to prevent bullying.

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Federal Employees’ Voting Rights Act facilitates union decertification, mandates secret ballot vote-based majority for certification


New legislation in the federal sector will mandate secret ballot vote-based majorities for both the certification, and the decertification of bargaining agents.

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