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Workplace team sports – Not just a game

It is often stated that a fit and healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Not surprisingly then, many employers encourage their employees to be more active and fit. In some cases this may include the sponsorship of a company sports team.

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Slaw: A Look at Unionization Rate in Canada in Light of This Year’s Labour Day

This year, Labour Day falls on Monday September 1, 2014. All provinces and territories observe this holiday. Government bodies and agencies as well as many businesses are closed on Labour Day.

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Family status: Recent interpretation under the Human Rights Code

Requests for accommodation due to family status is becoming more common as societal norms continue to change. The leading case in Ontario that addresses the worker’s rights and the employer’s obligations on the ground of family status is arguably Devaney v. ZRV Holdings Limited.

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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with AODA January 1, 2015 compliance deadline; consequences of competing with employer on the side; and, obligation to protect employee from third party harassment.

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Trusted human resources leadership

Can you trust your HR Department? Trust is one of the most valuable assets in any organization and the level of trust within an organization is a key factor in long-term organizational success.

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How workforce analytics can solve the universal problem in HR

Did you ever here an HR person say, “we have lots of data but we’re challenged for time and resources to wade through it. We’re in need of a solution to resolve the fact that we have spreadsheet upon spreadsheet but little means of drawing insight form them or connecting the data in meaningful ways.”

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Ostracism is different from harassment – and sometimes worse

You might have seen instances of bullying or harassment at your workplace—we certainly hear about them frequently—but have you witnessed ostracism? A series of recent studies by Canadian researchers find that social exclusion is distinct from direct harassment and bullying, and can actually be more insidious.

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Failure to mitigate damages leads to a reduction in termination notice

The Supreme Court of British Columbia confirmed that following the termination of a senior employee who had over 20 years of service with the employer, the employee was entitled to a reasonable notice period of 17 months considering the Bardal factors. However, due to the employee’s extremely passive attitude towards finding new employment, the notice period was reduced to 14 months. In a nutshell, the employee just did not do enough to seek alternate employment.

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Événements parrainés par l’employeur : méfiez-vous des bourdes commises durant les BBQ tenus l’été

Comprenez-moi bien, j’aime moi aussi les pique-niques et les BBQ qu’une entreprise offre à son personnel et je suis convaincue qu’ils constituent pour le personnel une excellente occasion de tisser des liens en dehors de leur cadre habituel. En fait, en tant que généraliste en ressources humaines, il m’incombe souvent, et c’est avec plaisir que je le fais, de participer à la planification de ces événements pour mon entreprise.

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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with STD/LTD payments and termination notice; the impact of employees playing volleyball during lunch hours; and, how to destroy personal information.

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Delay in implementing a promotion did not constitute a constructive dismissal

In the vast majority of cases constructive dismissals arise when employers unilaterally reduce an employee’s compensation or amend another significant and fundamental term of employment. However, in Penteliuk v. CIBC World Markets, the Ontario Superior Court recently had to determine if the failure to provide an employee with a promised promotion and salary increase constituted a constructive dismissal.

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Honesty, the best policy in employment relationships

A recent decision out of the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the dismissal of an employee for behaving dishonestly towards his employer.

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From the desk of the HR Manager: Regular attendance

Regular attendance is key to maintaining a successful, productive organization. A full-time job cannot be performed by a part-time employee. An employee should be expected to come to work ready to perform the requirements of their job every day; excessive tardiness and absenteeism cannot be tolerated. Managing employee attendance is critical in maintaining an efficient and effective workforce, and creates a number of challenges for organizations.

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Discovery Day, public holiday in the Yukon

Discovery day is a public holiday in the Yukon territory. It is celebrated on the Monday nearest August 17. This year, Discovery Day is Monday August 18.

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