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What does the legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada mean for workplaces?

cannabis edibles

With Cannabis being originally legalized in Canada on October 17th, 2018, a year later on the same date, Cannabis edibles have been legalized in Canada. The legalization of Cannabis edibles in Canada permit edibles to be sold and consumed effective October 17th, 2019. Health Canada has recently set out rules that concern the legal production, sale, extract and forms of Cannabis edibles permitted in Canada. It is anticipated that the number of recreational Cannabis users will increase with the legalization of edibles, as demand for edibles is expected to be large. With more recreational users, the concern for impairment in the workplace is elevated.

A significantly large concern for workplaces is that Cannabis edibles cannot be smelt to be detected; placing more responsibility on employers to be increasingly more cautious and observant to potential impairment in the workplace. With Cannabis edible legalization, workplace policies concerning Cannabis impairment must now include edible use and take into consideration training employees on the effects of Cannabis edibles, in addition to employee training on alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Employers should review all policies concerning alcohol and drug use that include Cannabis use and ensure use of Cannabis edibles is also included. Once policies are reviewed and updated to reflect the legalization of Cannabis edibles, employers should ensure all employees are adequately educated and trained on the new additions to workplace policies. 

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