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PeopleInsight’s top 5 blogs (so far) on workforce analytics

workforce analyticsPeopleInsight’s top 5 blog posts on workforce analytics cover the newest HR tech, workforce analytics in the realm of talent acquisition, and DIY analytics.

There’s only a few short weeks left of summer but there’s still time to catch up on news and reading, before the fall hits. In case you missed them, we’ve pulled together our top five most popular blog posts this year (so far). From gaining a deeper understanding of the newest category in HR technology, to applying workforce analytics in the realm of Talent Acquisition for better recruiting, and hearing about one mid-sized companies own journey with DIY analytics, we’ve got a topic in the realm of workforce analytics for everyone. Read on.

1. HR Ops – Workforce Analytics Pureplay

In this post we introduce the Workforce Analytics Pureplay—a solution to address the lack of data integration across a company’s disparate HR systems. We explore the 10 reasons why an Analytics Pureplay is the one tool you need to implement data-driven HR. This blog has been very popular, fostering dialogue between HR professionals and business leaders. Many have recognized that most HR Tech is simply not enough when it comes to integrating data and delivering end-to-end reports and analytics. Most HR Tech is transactional (that’s why it was built) whereas the Workforce Analytics Pureplay is designed to bring together all your data, manage and segment it, and help you discover the pain points, sweet spots and opportunities buried in your HR data.

2. 7 Questions to assess which analytics & reporting approach is right for you

In this blog we put together 7 questions to guide you in knowing whether you are a fit for a workforce analytics pureplay, or whether you are more in line with a build or buy approach. Answers to these questions can help steer you in the right direction with regards to your reporting and analytics needs.

We have had many stimulating conversations with many forward-thinking HR professionals since our post, and the consensus is that many have recognized the advantages (competencies in data integration and analysis, cost-savings, lower risk, etc.)  that an analytics partner can bring to the table.

3. Channel effectiveness analytics – Better recruiting

We took a deep dive into the specific realm of talent acquisition, to look at how segmentation of your channel data will help your recruiting team focus and drive the right sourcing investment decisions. A closer look at your data can deliver visibility into the performance of your recruiting channels and pinpoint where you need to focus to meet the needs of your business, thus achieving business outcomes.

4. Two simple secrets to success

A recent blog post that offers some short and sweet key takeaways when it comes to launching and maintaining a successful people analytics program:

  • Stay focused and aligned with your business strategy
  • Start small and simple – sometimes all you need is the simple math

It can be that simple.

5. DIY people analytics with a huge impact

We think this is a fabulous example of what can be accomplished by getting started with people analytics with focus and simplicity. It’s a great story with some real outcomes and significant impacts across 4 key business areas – succession, absenteeism, hiring and onboarding/integration. For the record: this organization does not run PeopleInsight nor any other advanced platform for analytics and business intelligence.

We hope this post can inspire you to embark on your own analytics journey—it is definitely challenging, yet rewarding. And jumpstarting it is easier than you thought—simply get going with the data, the systems (spreadsheets) and the people you have.

Happy Reading!

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