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CPP contributions

Tipping is not a city in China, it is now a regulated practice in many provinces

On December 7, 2015 Ontario passed an amendment to its Employment Standards Act to protect employees’ tips from being usurped by business managers and owners. The amendment will come into effect six months after it receives Royal Assent. In most provinces, tips and gratuities are specifically excluded from the definition of “wages” in employment standards laws…


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Reminder: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits and the Post-Retirement Benefit effective January 2012

An earlier First Reference Talks blog post dealt with CPP contribution changes effective January 2012. This post will deal with changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits and the Post-Retirement Benefit your employees need to know.


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Reminder: Canada Pension Plan contribution changes in January 2012

On January 1, 2012, changes to the rules for deducting CPP contributions will come into effect. These legislative changes do not affect the salary or wages of an employee who is considered to be disabled under the CPP, nor do they affect the salary and wages of a person who has reached 70 years of age. In addition, individuals will not be affected by these changes if they started receiving a CPP retirement pension before December 31, 2010, and they remain out of the workforce. So, what do employers need to know?


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