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The social interview: a case study

Recruiters and employers use social media to screen job applicants on a daily basis. Employers are Googling, Facebooking and checking tweets, walls, status updates and photos of prospective employees, including Linkedln accounts, as a first step in recruiting.

From this new employment practice the concept of the social interview was born.


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Human resources goes mobile: Highlighting top HR apps

When leaving home or the office, what are the must-have items you would never go without? Wallet? Got it. Keys? Yup. Your mobile recruiting application…? Today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access is changing the way we do business. With the right apps, recruiters can manage customer relations, access candidate data, and even review employee referals from their mobile devices. HR technology developers have jumped on the mobile bandwagon, and are working hard to bring new solutions for hiring, managing and tracking HR to the mobile market.


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