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Q&A: Sharing liability of workplace parties for OHS violations

Is liability always charged independently to the employer (company) and supervisors or co-worker? Are each solely responsible for the charge? Can liability be passed on to the employer or is it the sole responsibility of the supervisor/co-worker to pay?


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Defendants’ apologies found not admissible in civil proceedings or pleadings

The Apology Act is lesser-known piece of Ontario legislation which came into force in 2009. The Act allows defendants in a civil proceeding to communicate sorrow or regret to the other party, without their apology being used against them later in court.


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Pride parade and the topic of messages

I had the opportunity to attend, and indeed the privilege of attending, Toronto’s Pride parade on Sunday July 3. There are people in Canada who feel inhibited from attending and people around the world who would in fact go to jail, or worse, for organizing or participating in a public declaration of the incongruity of sexual orientation that our societies have a tendency to want to hide; that’s why I consider it a privilege to attend. What’s all of this got to do with running a business and managing workers and not running afoul of the law?


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