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Year-end payroll: Make a list and check it twice!

The first snowflakes gently fell from the sky this past weekend in Waterloo, a reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching. In our house we were tuning up the snow blower and writing Christmas lists. It is also that time of the year when organizations should create a year-end payroll checklist and prepare for any tune ups needed for the first payroll of the New Year. We all want to stay on the Canada Revenue Agency’s “nice” list and off of the “naughty” list!


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Integrate and elevate your HR functions for business and people success

Business integration of the HR function occurs fully when the talent management system, including performance management, succession planning, competency management, systems integration, employee engagement, corporate culture, change management and leadership development is able to successfully align the development of the people in its system to meet business performance objectives. People operations and processes are designed to empower people to achieve development and organizational goals.


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Year-end payroll checklist for the holidays!

It is that time of the year again when people are starting to think about making their holiday lists.  Organizations who want to stay on the Canada Revenue Agency’s “nice” list and off of the “naughty” list should start ticking off the boxes on a year-end payroll check list as well as preparing for the first payroll of the New Year.


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HR – Think and act like a marketer: Segment your data to fuel evidence-based workforce decisions

Companies spend a great deal of time, money, and resources to understand, target, recruit and retain customers. They approach these tasks with rigour and rely on data and analytics as the key input to decision-making. It’s time we took the same approach with the company’s most important asset – the employees.


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