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Beyond “9 to 5”: Understanding Ontario’s overtime rules

Aside from some “tweaks”, not much has changed when it comes to the Ontario’s overtime rules in many years. Why then do I see so much employer non-compliance?


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All about overtime

Despite many workplaces that are trying hard to keep work hours reasonable and limit them to 40 hours per week, in busy workplaces, overtime is very often inevitable – at least once in awhile.


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Employees who sometimes work outside Ontario?

Did you know that the Employment Standard Act (ESA) applies to work performed outside Ontario that is a continuation of work performed in Ontario?


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Overtime class action certification order slammed by Court of Appeal

Ontario’s Court of Appeal has just decided that the overtime pay claims of a group of front-line supervisors at Canadian National Railway lacked commonality; hence, overturning a lower court decision that had certified a “misclassification” overtime class action against CN. The supervisors claim CN excluded them from overtime pay by calling them “managers” when they were not.


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Applying overtime rules in Ontario can sometimes be complicated

Ontario’s Employment Standards Act provides that in most circumstance, an employee who works more than 44 hours in a given week shall be paid at least one and one-half times his or her regular rate of pay for overtime hours worked. However, this simple rule can become complicated and lead to lawsuits, as several employers have found out recently due to their failure to pay statutory overtime.


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Hours of work: What counts as ‘work’ in the Blackberry era?

I lifted that title from a presentation at the recent Davis LLP employment law update, because I don’t think I need to improve on it. The question seems simple, but I’m certain that it has got many employers and human resources departments wishing the handy devices had never been invented! (Okay, maybe not that confused.)


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