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Five steps to a successful video surveillance system installation

Many organizations have introduced video surveillance in the name of improving safety and security within workplaces, physical facilities and public spaces. An all-too-common catalyst for the installation or expansion of camera surveillance systems is a crime or security incident that captures the attention of the media, the public, or both. In the immediate aftermath of a crime or other troubling occurrence, there is often pressure on senior decision-makers within the organizations to act swiftly and visibly to recapture the confidence of key stakeholder groups such as customers, shareholders or the public.


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Public Consultation on Building Code Accessibility Requirements

The government, through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, is holding a two-month public consultation to develop updated accessibility requirements for the Building Code.


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Proposed AODA Built Environment Standard for public spaces released for public consultation and review

The AODA Built Environment Standard (the “Standard”) for public spaces has been released by the Ontario Government for public review and consultation. Human resources professionals will likely be asked to take the lead on compliance in their workplaces. Although the standard is still in draft form, it is expected that much of this now thoroughly-reviewed draft will survive to the final version.


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