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Employee deemed terminated without cause, even after “losing his cool” for not receiving paycheque

An employer was recently required to pay a former employee $3,658.07, after a Judge confirmed an Order of an Employment Standards Officer which conveyed that the employer did not have just cause to terminate the employee’s employment.

Stopping employee benefits after age of 65 not discriminatory

The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta recently dismissed an employee’s application for judicial review after finding that her employer’s Group Health Benefits and Life Insurance Plan (Plan) was bona fide. Therefore, the cessation of her benefits upon her turning the age 65 was not discriminatory, according to section 7(2) of the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Limiting bonus payments on termination continues to be an uphill battle

Bonuses and other forms of incentive compensation often form a significant part of employees’ compensation, and employees’ entitlement to such compensation are highly disputed in the context of wrongful dismissal claims. (In PDF)


Cristina Lavecchia

Cristina is an editor and researcher at First Reference. She is a licensed paralegal and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science major at York University. During Cristina's paralegal and undergraduate studies she studied employment standards, occupational health and safety, and workplace safety and insurance. Read more

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