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Normal anxiety or mental illness? A guide for employers

Employers have a duty to accommodate employees suffering from mental illnesses. But distinguishing mental illness from ordinary anxiety is no easy matter.


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Hold the applause: Clapping banned to reduce individual anxiety

A request for accommodation of alleged employee anxiety triggered by clapping should be treated in the same way as any other disability-related request for accommodation, that is, the employer must establish that there is in fact a disability triggering a duty to accommodate, and engage in a meaningful way to provide reasonable accommodation of the disability in question up to the point of undue hardship.


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Emra v. Impression Bridal Ltd.: The hefty price of ignorance of the ‘Code’

The human rights case of Emra v. Impression Bridal Inc. reminds us that a disability may be  hidden, but when brought to the employer’s attention, it should not be ignored


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Why the need for a comprehensive health benefits plan?


To many, comprehensive health benefits are second nature. We don’t think about them often because if we’re lucky, we don’t need to use them often (except the massages, of course). In fact, the majority of people won’t need (and might not even be aware of) the larger part of their policy coverage. So why is comprehensive health insurance so important? Let’s start with the basics.


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