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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with managing disabilities in the workplace, workplace harassment and the decline of quality full-time work in Canada.


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Medicinal marihuana in the workplace

Over the years, workplaces all over Canada have seen many different issues, in particular regarding smoking and narcotic prescription drugs. The most recent issue workplaces are struggling with is medicinal marihuana. There is a lot of stigma around using marihuana for medicinal purposes, so you can only imagine how people would feel about using it in the workplace. Marihuana is scarcely viewed as a medicine, which is the biggest issue. Marihuana is viewed as an illegal drug, so who would think its ok to do drugs at work?


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General damages under the Ontario Human Rights Code: the cost of injuring an employee’s dignity, feelings and self-respect

Since 2008 the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has had the power to order an employer to pay unlimited general damages to an employee for discriminating against the employee. In short, general damages or discrimination damages are the price an employer must pay for injuring the dignity, feelings, and self-respect of an employee.


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Obligations to disabled employees

Dealing with disabled employees can be a vexing issue for most employers. A number of questions arise when an employee takes time off either temporarily or permanently due to a disability, whether physical or mental. These issues include:


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