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EI benefits

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with termination clauses, 2018-2019 payroll rates and changes to the Employment Insurance Act.


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with marijuana in the workplace, proposed parental leave benefit and workplace harassment as a WSIB claim.


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with pay equity and equal pay, marijuana in the workplace and possible paternity leave.


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EI benefits: New parent, more time off and more money?

To implement these measures, Budget 2017 proposes to amend the Employment Insurance Act. The Government also proposes to amend the Canada Labour Code to ensure that workers in federally regulated sectors have the job protection they need while they are receiving caregiving, parental or maternity benefits. Workers in provincially regulated sectors will have to wait and see if provincial legislation will also be changed to extend job protection for 18 months. Without job protection, the flexibility to receive EI benefits over a longer period of time will be meaningless.


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Proper HR practices can save needless WSIB claim costs

There are a lot of moving parts when managing a WSIB claim, especially one that has become prolonged or complex. Most employers are aware that ensuring their company is compliant with Health & Safety best practices will likely result in reduced workers’ compensation costs. The same can be said with respect to important Human Resources practices and procedures. The problem is that busy claims managers sometimes lose sight of this while they attempt to juggle all the moving pieces of a claim.


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The pay gap — Women’s social subsidy

The wage gap appears to be on the agenda. On October 8, Ontario Labour Minister announced that a Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee will commence public consultations across the province to examine the wage gap and how the role of women at work, at home and in the community are affected by the gender wage gap, as well as to “assess how government, business, labour, other organizations, and individual leaders can work together to resolve issues that may cause the wage gap.”


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with unused vacation days; new maternity and parental leaves and EI benefits; and, employer obligations for election day.


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Is one year paid parental leave the new norm?

On Tuesday, August 4 – the same day that Netflix stock hit a record high, the company announced a decision through its blog to provide paid maternity and paternity leave for its employees, up to one year.


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with enhancing compassionate care (EI) benefits; consequences of not reinstating an employee to pre-leave position; and, British Columbia’s significant changes to the Workers Compensation Amendment Act.


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Access to sickness benefits while receiving compassionate care and critically ill children Employment Insurance benefits

Sections 242 to 248 and 250 of the Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 1 (formerly Bill C-31) came into force October 12, 2014. These sections allow employees who are on leave and receiving compassionate care leave (CCB) or parents of critically ill children (PCIC) employment insurance benefits to be able to switch to EI […]


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New leaves coming under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act

On April 29, 2014, Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendments Act (Leaves to Help Families), 2014, received royal assent and will come into force six months after assent, on October 29, 2014.


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Slaw: Quebec Calls for corrections to the 2012 federal Employment Insurance reforms

On November 27, 2013, Quebec’s National Employment Insurance Review Commission released its report regarding the impact of the federal government’s 2012 changes to the Employment Insurance (EI) program. The report makes 30 recommendations, with three key recommendations calling for the provincial and federal governments to negotiate an agreement giving Quebec the power to manage its own EI system to meet the needs of the province’s labour market.


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Nova Scotia to increase access to pregnancy/parental leave in 2015

On September 2, 2013, Premier Darrell Dexter announced plans to amend the Labour Standards Code to allow someone employed for six months with an employer to qualify for pregnancy/parental leave.


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Politics over pragmatism? Job-protected leaves for the death and disappearance of child due to crime or a critically ill child

On December 14, 2012, the federal Helping Families in Need Act (formerly Bill C–44) received Royal Assent and provisions were proclaimed in effect on March 24, 2013 and June 9, 2013. That Act among other things, amended the Canada Labour Code to permit an employee to take a job-protected leave of absence without pay if the employee is the parent of a child who has disappeared or died and it is probable, considering the circumstances, that the child disappeared or died as a result of a crime.


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Nova Scotia government proposes new unpaid leaves under the Labour Standards Code

The Nova Scotia government has tabled a new Bill which proposes to amend the Labour Standards Code to create new unpaid leaves for parents and guardians. If passed, Bill 3, the Support for Parents of Critically Ill or Abducted Children Act, will give employees the right to take the following unpaid leaves:


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