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Six in ten workers around the world would telecommute full-time

Career advancement website recently featured an infographic on trends in telecommuting around the world. Apparently, one in five workers globally telecommutes frequently, and seven percent of workers work from home every day. Research shows that six in ten workers worldwide would telecommute full-time if their employer allowed it. Why do employers not allow it? In Canada, about 37 percent of workers say their employer needs them to be at their workplace…


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Is there any value in a Master of Business Administration degree?

There has been some discussion around the web lately as to what the real value of a Master of Business Administration is: one Wall Street Journal author told the story of a 36-year-old University of Louisville MBA grad Steve Vonderweidt who is still working as an administrator at a social services agency, almost a year after graduating. With over $75,000 in student-loan debt and facing stiff competition from the highest number of fellow grads ever, Vonderweidt questioned whether the Master’s program was really worth it.


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Reduced hours of work and job sharing – an idea suited for North America?

In a recent Globe and Mail video, author Juliet Schor discusses how reducing work hours might be the answer to some of the problems facing Canada’s workforce. Schor mentions that having employees work shorter hours decreases unemployment rates, lowers greenhouse emissions, and improves quality of life.


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