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Alleged breach of settlement agreement

It happens every now and then: the parties to a wrongful dismissal dispute agree to resolve their differences, typically with the employer agreeing to pay the employee a certain amount of compensation, and the employer subsequently learns that the employee is working for a competitor. Typically, they will react out of anger, immediately stopping all payments pursuant to the settlement. Can they do so?


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Just Us Coffee Co-op – Balancing fair trade and worker rights

On Sunday, April 28, 2013, there was a demonstration outside the Just Us Coffee’s office in Grand Pré to support two former employees of an outlet in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who claim that the fair trade company fired them for attempting to organize their co-workers.


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Attorney General’s report on the Ontario Human Rights Review, 2012 Part 1


The Attorney General of Ontario released a report last week on the Ontario Human Rights Review for 2012. While both the Attorney General and the Ontario Human Rights Commission both function within the greater Ontario government, this review was created independently of government agency, with the aim to examine how the current system performs toward the highest goals to maintain justice, transparency, timeliness, and works against systemic discrimination.


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Slaw: The Saskatchewan human rights tribunal eliminated

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2010, S.S. 2011, c. 17 (former Bill 160), was proclaimed in force on July 1, 2011. The overall purpose of the Act is to make the human rights complaints process more timely and flexible by streamlining the process for dealing with complaints and allowing more cases to be resolved without litigation.


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