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Construction industry certification: Nova Scotia Court of Appeal weighs in

In Nova Scotia, an employer in the construction industry may become certified by a union if the Labour Board is satisfied that the applicant union “has as members in good standing more than fifty percent of the employees in the appropriate unit”.  Accordingly, the definition of the bargaining unit is a significant issue in construction industry certifications because the employees in the unit materially impact whether the certification application is successful.


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Ashley Madison’s $20M employee lawsuit for workplace related injuries

Ashley Madison, the world’s leading website for married people seeking extramarital affairs, recently made headlines when a former employee sued the Canadian-based organization for $20-million for injuries sustained while creating fake profiles of women for the site. Doriana Silva was hired by Ashley Madison to help launch a Brazilian version of the dating site. Shortly […]


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Recap: New payroll amounts and other legislative changes effective January 1, 2012

It’s the time of the year again when employers and payroll specialists have to start their T4 year-end process and need to know what’s new in payroll for 2012. In addition, several changes to pension, employment standards and other legal requirements are coming into force January 1, 2012. This blog post provides you with a brief summary of some of the changes employers need to know and prepare for:


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Interprovincial labour mobility in the unionized construction sector

I recently received in my mailbox the July/August 2010 issue of Inside HRA from First Reference. It deals with interprovincial labour mobility. It’s an interesting read for anyone who works in human resources across interprovincial boundaries. Although we often take for granted that citizens may live and work in any part of Canada they please, there are often unforeseen problems. Some of these problems can be quite challenging for an employer.


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