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Exit Interviews

When key employees leave

The departure of a key employee can create uncertainty and destabilize the rest of the office, let alone impact the value of the company if the key employee is particularly high profile. Employers should have a plan in place to provide the right messaging to employees.


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In defense of exit interviews: Why it still deserves to be a part of your plan?

Like Clint Eastwood’s character in Unforgiven, you may say to them,“Deserve’s got nothing’ to do with it”, as a parting remark. But can you fathom the mental state of ‘exiting’ employees, when they’re moving out of their cabins, handing over the keys, returning office equipments, putting their desk’s contents in a cardboard box, amidst uttering grateful and humble so longs?


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Move from traditional recruitment metrics to talent acquisition analytics to drive results business executives care about

Talent Acquisition is no stranger to data and metrics and the most progressive of leaders in this space are taking advantage of the wave of workforce analytics to get results – for their organizations and for themselves. While the past was focused on using analytics primarily to monitor the efficiency of the recruitment process, Talent Acquisition is now involving itself in measuring the effectiveness of its efforts. Connecting the activities of Talent Acquisition to business outcomes is something every Talent Acquisition leader should be working towards.


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